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Large Dyed Green Brazilian Cowhide w/ a Croc Acid Wash - 7'8" x 5'9" (BRAW336)
Closeup of this Large, Brazilian Cowhide that has been dyed green, then treated with a Croc Acid Wash (BRAW336)

Large Dyed Green Brazilian Cowhide w/ a Croc Acid Wash - 7'8" x 5'9" (BRAW336)

Regular price $359.00 Sale price $209.00

This is a large, Brazilian cowhide that has been dyed solid green, then treated with a croc acid wash. It is 7'8" long x 5'9" wide.

Item Number: BRAW336

This acid washed cowhide does have the hair on it, except on the silver spots, where the hair has been removed. It will be perfect as an area rug or for upholstery, adding color and texture to your decor. It would also be great to make a handbag, jewelry or other western accessories. This is a beautiful, acid washed cowhide for this price!

Brazilian cowhides are known to be the finest in the world. We hand select our cowhides, so we are able to offer superior quality and value. Cowhides are a natural product, therefore they may have some natural markings and scratches, a branding mark, and even an occasional patch. These markings are not flaws, but only add to the authenticity and beauty of the hide.

We provide pictures of each and every hide so you know exactly what you are purchasing. The hide pictured is always the hide you will receive when you order from Superior Hides.

  • 7'8"L x 5'9"W

Caring For Your Superior Hide

**The cowhide pictured is the cowhide you will receive.