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Lumbar Pillow Cover - Brown, Black, and White, Tricolor Cowhide - 24" x 12" (LPILC069)
Lumbar Pillow Cover - Brown Leather (LPILC069)

Lumbar Pillow Cover - Tricolor Cowhide - 24" x 12" (LPILC069)

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LPILC069: This 24" x 12“ lumbar pillow cover is black, brown, and white, tricolor cowhide on one side, with brown leather on the other side. It has a covered zipper closure. It will look great on a sofa, chair, recliner, or even a bed!

This is the pillow cover only and does not include the pillow filling. Pillow filling can be found at Walmart, or most fabric and craft stores. 

**The pillow cover pictured is the pillow cover you will receive.