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White Brazilian Calfskin with a Black Cheetah Print - 3'5" x 2'5" (BRCALF555)
Closeup of this White, Brazilian Calfskin, showing a Black, Cheetah Print (BRCALF555)

White Brazilian Calfskin w/ Black Cheetah Print - 3'5" x 2'5" (BRCALF555)

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This is a white, Brazilian calfskin that has been stenciled with a black, cheetah print. It is 3'5" long x 2'5" wide.

Item: BRCALF555

This designer calfskin will add color and texture to your home or office, as a rug, on a coffee table, dining table, or even as wall decor. Calfskins are also commonly used for small upholstery projects such as barstools, benches and pillows, or to make handbags, wallets, or jewelry.

Our calfskins and goatskins are hand selected from the best tanneries in Colombia and Brazil, so we are able to offer superior quality and value.

We provide pictures of each and every hide so you know exactly what you are purchasing. The hide pictured is always the hide you will receive when you order from Superior Hides.

  • 3'5"L x 2'5"W
**The calfskin pictured is the one you will receive.