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XS Red Brown and Black Brindle Cowhide, with one small splash of white on the upper spine, and white on the hind shanks - 4'5" x 3'5" (XS105)
Closeup of this XS, Brindle Cowhide, showing red brown and black   (XS105)

XS Red Brown and Black Brindle Cowhide - 4'5" x 3'5" (XS105)

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This extra-small, Colombian, Brindle Cowhide is red brown and black, with one small splash of white on the upper spine, and white on the hind shanks. It is 4'5" long x 3'5" wide.

Item Number: XS105

This XS Cowhide is a beautiful, full-size, natural, Colombian cowhide that has been trimmed so it is between the size of a calfskin and a small cowhide. This extra-small cowhide is the perfect choice for a smaller space. It will add texture, color, and shape to both a modern and western décor, when used as a rug or even hung on a wall. It is also an excellent choice for your bench or table since it is small, durable, and easy to clean. Just like a full-size cowhide, this XS cowhide is a natural product, therefore it may have some natural markings and scratches, a branding mark, or even an occasional patch. These markings are not flaws, but only add to the authenticity and beauty of the hide.

We provide pictures of each and every hide so you know exactly what you are purchasing. The hide pictured is always the hide you will receive when you order from Superior Hides.

  • 4'5"L x 3'5"W

Caring For Your Superior Hide

**The hide pictured is the hide you will receive.