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Free Shipping* | Free Returns & Exchanges* | Orders Placed By 2pm CST Ship Same Business Day!

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About Superior Hides®

Superior Hides is a family-owned and operated cowhide and finished leather company, located in Texas. We have been in the business for over 30 years, having connections to some of the best tanneries in Brazil and Colombia. Every cowhide we select goes through an extensive inspection process, enabling us to provide superior quality, and at a lower price than most other online retailers! Our hides are a natural product and no two are exactly alike, each having their own natural markings. These markings are not imperfections, rather they signify its authenticity and add to its beauty. Since it is a natural product, some scratches and patches are to be expected, not on every hide, but on some. Each hide is an original!

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  • Why Buy a Superior Hide®?

    We hand select each and every hide, so we are able to offer top quality cowhides and rugs. It is well known that the best cowhides come from Brazil. We purchase from the best tanneries in Brazil, so we are able to offer you the best quality cowhides.

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Superior Hides® Genuine Cowhide Leather

The cowhide has long served as a hallmark of western and rustic design styles, typifying the use of natural materials and animal motifs. It not only adds organic pattern and texture to décor but is inextricably linked to the romance of the cowboy lifestyle and the freedom of life on the open range.

At Superior Hides, we’re pleased to bring you genuine cowhide leather with one-of-a-kind pieces imported from some of the best tanneries in Brazil and Colombia.

For over 30 years, we’ve delivered the premium pieces our customers expect. Following a thorough inspection process, we hand select only the finest natural hides, and thanks to long-standing partnerships, we’re able to order directly from tanneries and offer the competitive rates you prefer.

Whether you’re looking for beautiful and unique home décor or you plan to repurpose them for upholstery, handbags, jewelry, and other crafts, you’ll find the distinctive pieces you crave at outstanding prices with Superior Hides.

What can you expect from our superior products and services?

Authentic Brazilian and Colombian Cowhides

There’s no shortage of companies selling faux hides, but if you want a piece that will last for decades, rather than starting to deteriorate within just a few years, you need to spring for the real deal. Superior Hides proudly offers only authentic hides, and we make sure you know exactly what you’re paying for.

We've earned a sterling reputation with our honesty and transparency. When you shop for our authentic cowhides online, you’ll find that the product pictured is exactly what you’ll receive.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t post stock photos and send you something completely different from what’s pictured. You’ll always get precisely what you see, with no surprises.

Our Attractive and Unique Products in Genuine Cowhide Leather

Superior Hides proudly offers a range of cowhide products for home decoration, upholstery, or craft purposes, including:


Our quality cowhides come in a range of colors, patterns, and shapes unique to each piece. These natural and authentic hides can be used as-is for area rugs or wall hangings, or you can repurpose them for upholstery, handbags, wallets, jewelry, or any number of other western-style accessories.

Pillows and Pillow Covers

Our Colombian and Brazilian cowhides are good for more than just adding comfort underfoot. We also use them for pillows and pillow covers, with cowhide on one side and leather on the other.

Every piece is made in the USA and features a zipper closure and options for 18” square or 24”x12” lumbar cushions. These items are ideal for use on couches, chairs, beds, or your favorite reading nook.


Forget flimsy, decorative cubes from warehouse discount stores. If you want a resilient and versatile cube that serves as décor, a footstool, a side table, additional seating, and more, you can’t go wrong with a classic cowhide cube.

This item is made in the USA, composed of a sturdy wood frame covered in plush foam padding and then fitted with cowhide. One or more will make for the perfect modular addition to any room in your home.


Cowhide coasters are the perfect accessory for your western or rustic design. These 4.5” round drink docks feature cowhide on one side and leather on the other, with both plain and decorative options to suit your personal preferences. Sold in sets of four.

Additional Products

In addition to genuine cowhide leather, Superior Hides offers a range of complementary products to outfit your home in rustic luxury.

Upholstery Leather

Our premium upholstery leather, used primarily for furniture upholstery, is sourced primarily from Argentina, Brazil, Italy, and Mexico. You’ll enjoy a variety of colors, textures, and aesthetics in aniline-dyed, 100% top grain leather.


Smaller and softer than cowhide, calfskins from Brazil and Columbia offer the quality you expect at competitive prices.

Calfskins serve as the perfect throw rugs for smaller spaces and are ideal for children’s bedroom or playroom décor. They’re also lovely as wall hangings and table decoration, and they work well for personal items like handbags, wallets, jewelry, and other accessories.


Like calfskins, goatskins are typically smaller in size than calfskins and they are a great option for crafts and creating personal items such as handbags and wallets. Goatskins can also be used for décor such as throw rugs, bed scarves, table runners, wall hangings, and more.

What Makes Superior Hides Your Trusted Source for Quality Cowhides

There are several benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose Superior Hides as your trusted source for quality Colombian and Brazilian cowhides, such as:

● Authentic, premium hides and cowhide products
● Thorough inspection and hand selection
● Superior quality at competitive rates
● A commitment to exceptional customer care
● Fast shipping
● Accurate product representation — what you see is what you get!

Because we sell only one-of-a-kind pieces, you’ll want to browse our collections frequently to see what’s available. You can also sign up for our newsletter to enjoy curated content and receive information about promos, overstock, and more.

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