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This is a Brazilian cowhide that is white, with brown and black. Adding to its authenticity is a small branding mark. It is a beautiful cowhide that would make the perfect area rug, but it would also be great for upholstery.  8'10"L x 6'10"W

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Brazilian Salt And Pepper Cowhide Rug

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Brazilian Cowhide

Salt & Pepper

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About Superior Hides

Superior Hides is family owned and operated. We have been in the leather and cowhide business for over 30 years, having connections to the best tanneries in Brazil and Colombia. Every cowhide is hand picked, providing superior quality at a lower price. Cowhides are a natural product and no two are exactly alike. They each have their own natural markings. These markings are not imperfections, rather they signify its authenticity and add to its beauty. Since it is a natural product, some scratches and patches are to be expected, not on every hide, but on some. Each hide is an original!

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