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Acid Wash, Printed, & Dyed Cowhides On Sale

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Printed, Acid Washed, & Dyed Cowhides on Sale

Suppose that you like the idea of natural hide rugs, but you’re just not a fan of traditional cowhide patterns, such as plain, spotted, or brindle. In that case, you’ll be happy to learn that Superior Hides offers an expansive collection of unique printed, acid-washed, and dyed cowhides to enliven any décor.

Whether you place yours under a coffee table, at the foot of the bed, or on a wall as an art piece, there’s no end to the ways you can incorporate these fun and funky pieces into your home.

Even better, you’ll enjoy sale prices on authentic, hand-selected hides sourced from premium tanneries in Brazil and Colombia. With Superior Hides, it’s easy to find that one-of-a-kind statement piece that elevates your décor and imbues your living space with real personality.

Printed Cowhides

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to home decorating, and you simply may not lean toward the natural look of a regular cowhide. However, you might be keen on a number of other prints found in nature.

In this case, you’re sure to love our range of animal prints, including:

  1. Crocodile
  2. Snake
  3. Deer
  4. Giraffe
  5. Zebra
  6. Cheetah
  7. Jaguar
  8. Leopard

Some are available in both large and small patterns, as well as baby prints. You can find them in natural hues like whites, beiges, tans, browns, and blacks or dyed in shockingly bright shades like pink. Some have shimmery, acid-washed detailing for added visual appeal.
If animal prints aren’t your bag, you might prefer a fun camouflage or newspaper pattern instead. There’s something for everyone to love with our exciting range of prints on premium cowhide.

Acid Washed Cowhides

You’re probably familiar with the concept of acid-washed jeans, but we guarantee our modern, acid-washed cowhides are far more attractive than the bleached denim designs that dominated the ‘80s.

An acid wash can be applied in a range of colors, from cool silver and warm golden and bronze hues to eye-catching yellow, turquoise, and royal blue. There’s even a rainbow splash acid wash that fades from pink, via yellow and green, to turquoise. Some hues are available in metallic sheens.

These hides feature hair, just like regular cowhides, except for the areas that have been acid washed, where the hair is removed. You can also find acid-washed hides in a range of fun patterns, such as cow, croc, and zebra print, just to name a few.

This variety gives you plenty of options to update your décor in keeping with your personal style sensibilities.

Dyed Cowhides

Zebra-style hides, leopard-style hides, and other printed cowhides can add an exciting element to your interior design, as can bold, shimmery, acid-washed cowhides. They may serve as statement pieces or complement your overall décor.

However, there is also a range of dyed options to explore, whether you want a simple, relatively uniform wash of color or you’d like to take a print or acid-washed hide to the next level. For example, a red or purple-dyed cowhide could be the perfect complement to a girl’s bedroom or an otherwise neutral living room or den.

On the other hand, a black or navy dyed cowhide with silver acid wash could be the perfect, understated element to punch up a man cave or game room. If you love color and pattern, but the shine is too much, a pink-dyed leopard print cowhide might be just what you’re looking for.

Perfect Placement for Your Hides

There’s no wrong way to use premium Brazilian cowhides in your décor. They are, of course, ideal as area rugs, whether you place them in entryways, under the dining room table, in front of the hearth, or at the foot of the bed.

Printed, acid-washed, and dyed cowhides also make great throws that add visual interest on the back of a couch or as a runner at the end of the bed. These hides are so stunning they can even be displayed on the wall as art to wow visitors and take center stage in your interior design.

Why Choose Superior Hides for Your Home Decorating Needs?

At Superior Hides, quality is our highest priority, which is why we go out of our way to use only the finest, hand-selected hides from preferred partners in Brazil and Colombia. No two hides are alike, so you’re always guaranteed a unique statement piece for your home.

Led by owners that have over 30 years in the industry, our family-owned business has proudly offered outstanding products at affordable pricing. And with our sales, you can save over $100 on many of our one-of-a-kind rugs and cowhides. Start shopping at Superior Hides today!



  • Best used in low traffic areas and not in direct sunlight.
  • Rotate your cowhide rug periodically so it wears evenly.
  • Shake the dirt from the cowhide or vacuum with the hand-held vacuum head brush as needed, on a reduced suction setting.
  • Blot up spills with a damp sponge. Use a mild soap and a little cold water if needed. DO NOT get soaking wet! Pat dry, do not rub. Lay flat and allow to air dry completely.
  • DO NOT wash in a washing machine or dry clean.