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Finished Upholstery Leather

Our Finished Upholstery Leather comes mainly from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Italy. This 100% top grain, aniline dyed leather, comes in a variety of colors, textures, and looks. It is most commonly used for furniture upholstery. We hand select the leathers to assure you are receiving Superior quality Hides.

We are working on growing this collection. If you are looking for a color we do not have, please reach out to us and we will try to find it for you.

If you would like a small swatch of any finished leather we carry, please email us and we will send it to you. (

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  • Best used in low traffic areas and not in direct sunlight.
  • Rotate your cowhide rug periodically so it wears evenly.
  • Shake the dirt from the cowhide or vacuum with the hand-held vacuum head brush as needed, on a reduced suction setting.
  • Blot up spills with a damp sponge. Use a mild soap and a little cold water if needed. DO NOT get soaking wet! Pat dry, do not rub. Lay flat and allow to air dry completely.
  • DO NOT wash in a washing machine or dry clean.